Painting At Scobey’s Collision Center

After the necessary body work has been completed on your vehicle, the refinishing process remains a very critical element of the entire repair process. A “perfect” quality paint finish is what gives your automobile that final touch. And, since it’s the first thing that catches the eyes of our customers, it must be Sobeys’s ‘perfect”. In fact, we guarantee a perfect, glossy refinish paint job every time and we warranty our refinishing work for as long as you own your car.

While many other repair shops use an average paint product, we use one of the best on the market for your vehicle, Sikkens/Akzo Nobel. That is why we are confident in offering our customers a Lifetime Warranty. Not all automotive collision centers can offer such a warranty of their work. Here at Scobey’s we only use premium Sikkens/Akzo Nobel paint products.

Sikkens/Akzo Noble provides us with computerized technology to create and match any color with the appropriate chemical formulas provided by all vehicle manufacturers. After we have matched the color for your car, your vehicle is prepped and brought into our down draft paint booths for surface preparation. Scobey’s down draft spray booths utilize sophisticated automatic suction filters and temperature control system to assist technician during the application of the critical base and clear coats. Once these coats have been applied the technician leaves the spray booth and initiates a bake cycle at 150 degrees Fahrenheit for the final bake or application drying process. The paint we use at Scobey’s specifically designed to be baked at these high temperatures to ensure achieving the consistency in the gloss and durability that the manufacture recommends.

We take great pride in our refinishing and paint work at Scobey’s Collision Center because we know it’s the first thing you’ll notice when you pick up your car. Don’t settle for an average paint job and a shop that will not give you that Lifetime Warranty. Make Scobey’s “your collision decision” for the finest work in the Poplar Bluff area. Insurance companies don’t warranty our workmanship we do!!!!