Repairs At Scobey’s Collision Center

When you have an accident, no matter how hard the collision, the structure of the vehicle can be compromised. The affected structure can be either exterior or interior, or both in a larger impact. When this happens, the vehicle can lose its structural integrity as a result of one or more parts being damaged. At this point, it’s crucial to analyze the magnitude of the collision impact to determine the effect on all the parts involved, including the internal structure of the vehicle and its frame.

Scobey’s Collision Center is equipped with the latest technology in the automotive industry. The shop features a frame system with computerized measuring system which give us before and after printouts of your vehicle to ensure that the vehicle has been repaired to factory specifications.

After the frame and structure of the vehicle have been corrected, our Technicians will finish the repairs to ensure your body lines and gaps look just as good as they did before your collision. At Scobey’s we will only repair your car one way, THE RIGHT WAY, We will not take shortcuts or cut corners to save the insurance company money. We will fix your car correctly and safely so that when you drive it off our lot, it will look just as good and be just as safe as it was before your accident. We will stand behind all our repairs